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Hemesh Chandalavada, Young Innovator, Proud Awardee of GKAA 2021

Hemesh Chadalavada, 15, Hyderabad, is a young innovator who has devised a wristband for tracking the health conditions of Alzheimer’s patients. Hemesh is a young innovator who has been learning about electronics, robotics, and software development from the internet ever since he was a small kid. His wristband innovation for tracking Alzheimer’s patients has bagged him with the prestigious Bal Shakti Puraskar Award.

He is have also received some awards such as a Global Kids Achievers Awards 2021, Gold Medal at the IIA International Innovation Fair, got selected for the MacMillan Budding Scientist Award, won the Eureka, Junior, 2019 out of 800 students, and also won Ideate For India out of 1,33,000 students.

Other than this innovation, he have also innovated a Pothole Detection System, a Car accident alert device, a smart first aid kit, a Robot that can help the elderly and disabled amongst many others. He is also in the process of building a web application called ConsultFix which will work as a consulting system for experts while allowing them to create a wide online presence. This application will enable the customers to book an appointment with the expert and consult with the customer online either with video calls or directly at the workplace.

In the future, he aspires to work on more innovations and launch a company focused on solving society’s problems.


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